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Oregon Industry Walkthroughs

KW and KWPP offer a wide range of resources to help with you a vast array of your tech needs. Below, you will find quick access links to various applications, trainings, and services that we provide and recommend.


Hey new agents! Congratulations on passing the Real Estate Exam and getting your license! After passing the exam, your background checks should either be processing or has already processed. Kelly, our Designated Principle Broker, will pull your licensed to our brokerage. After the background checks and license-pulling are complete, you'll want to complete the items listed below in order...

1. PMAR (Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors)

Head over to to complete the PMAR application. You'll be able to pay the PMAR fees within the application and select the start date. 

2. NRDS # (Sent to the Agent Services Coordinator)

After that is complete, you'll receive a "Welcome" email within 24 hours or so. That email should have the NRDS# that is required for your RMLS Subscriber Form. Send that over to Austin either in an email or text and he can put it on the RMLS form for you.

His contact email:

3. RMLS (Regional Multiple Listings Service)

Once Austin has receive the NRDS# and has scanned the proper form to RMLS, it will then be a waiting game on RMLS's end. It usually takes 24-48 hours for them to put you into the system. When they are done, you'll get an email to pay the RMLS fees. If you're not getting the email, you can contact Austin, or you can contact them directly through their phone number (503) 236-7657. From past experiences, they are pretty quick to answer.


After the fees are paid, you'll then have access to RMLS and lockboxes! Let us know if you have any questions at that point so we can help make your first transactions as worry-free as possible! 


Agents are required to obtain their own OREF documents through OREFonline. The $89 subscription will work through Zipform, Skyslope, Docusign, and more. It is up to you what platform you want to use for your business. Below are the steps to purchase the OREF subscription:


Go to and click First Time Subscribers in the center of the page.


Click Add to Cart to add a single subscription to your cart. The website should automatically refresh to the cart page. If it does not, click the cart icon at the top right of the page.


Now, click the blue Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom of the page. If you have not yet registered with OREF, you will add your email address on the next page. If you have an account already, log in now. Then return to your cart.


In the Checkout, make sure your license number is the same one that shows in the OREA database (this is the number you will use to integrate the forms into your service of choice). Then fill our the necessary billing info and click Place Order. Keep in mind that it may take up to 30 minutes for your license and OREF to connect and allow your to validate the documents into your document-housing service.

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